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Let's meet!

I'm JIRI SADEK, traveling through Canada and the US in coming weeks to meet entertainment industry professionals on a personal level. Let's meet for an hour over a beer, coffee, or any other poison! I'm all in.

First: My itinerary

Second: Your move
I'm available daily from 8 AM to 8 PM.
Reach out to me at
If emailing isn't yo
ur style,...


Choose a date, send me the address, and I'll hustle to be there on time!
(but being European used to smaller cities, it will be an exciting experiment)

More about me? Here is a glimpse (or in person!):

Jiri Who? (being short)

I define myself as a worker and craftsman in the business of emotional delivery, specializing as a versatile entertainment professional in directing and producing.


My wife and I have been planning to move to Canada for quite some time now. So I do spread the word!

I have directed a feature film on 35mm, successfully securing distribution in the US (AMC). Recently, I have produced a series and actively participated in various international workshops and pitching forums. However, I don't solely rely on pitching; I believe in the power of solving someone's problem. For me, everything begins with the value.

As I travel through Canada and the US, my aim is to connect with like-minded individuals, forge new alliances, get in contact with guilds and unions, and expand my network. As a dreamer who has already overcome industry obstacles, I now approach my aspirations with a blend of practicality and imagination, weaving dreams into actionable and profitable plans.

While my love for films and the entertainment industry is unwavering, I approach it with careful consideration. I hold great admiration for those who recognize their worth but can also set aside ego when needed. Collaboration lies at the heart of my philosophy, as it holds the key to remarkable achievements.

I want to bring value to you. Not the other way around.
Do you have a creative project or issue that needs attention?

A longer story that includes how I managed to pull off a heist against Ridley Scott himself

I graduated from the Film Academy, specializing in Film Directing. After working on several short films, I had the opportunity to direct a feature horror film

called 'The Noonday Witch' on 35mm,

with a budget of 590,000 USD.

'The Noonday Witch' garnered attention and was acquired by AMC US, Shudder. Additionally, it received the Best European Film Award at MotelX in Portugal. My first film was a great, but grueling experience, shot during an intense heatwave. Although I have a deep love for horror films, the limited market in my country compelled me to explore new possibilities.


While debut films present their challenges, the second one proves to be even tougher. I'm drawn also to animation, quirky films, and comedies as well. In those times, I secured a great agent from Zero Gravity Management in LA who presented me with several projects. Unfortunately, it was during the Blumhouse horror boom, and I was typecast as a horror director from Central Europe. I don't like portfolios that restrict creative expression. There is only one Spielberg, but if we would judge him only by Jaws, we would never see Indiana Jones.

After declining some starting projects, COVID hit and everything went to hell. Amidst the chaos, I faced a life-threatening battle with a blood clot in my lung. Leaving my wife at home with our newborn son. Later, my wife Sabina (26) experienced a stroke and underwent heart surgery. She is fine now.

Undeterred by these challenges, I found professional purpose in establishing my own production companies in my hometown, Prague.

You can see results of our work here.

We are creating some Tom Cruise-worthy stuff!

But we do also animation  and live-action!


While managing my companies, I served as a dubbing voice director for leading streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Disney, and Pixar, overseeing Czech dubbing. With a portfolio of over 1500 titles, including acclaimed series like "The Crown", "Ozark", "Sandman", and the new "Lord of the Rings" series, I also handled the whole "Paw Patrol" content in our country, until recently. This experience allowed me to work with 17 actors daily, honing my ability to collaborate with diverse talents. Furthermore, my interactions with major entertainment houses have provided me with a deep understanding of industry dynamics and protocols. 

Voice directing high-end shows funded my travels to markets, festivals, and workshops. I attended MIPCOM as one of two Czech representatives. I had the privilege of participating in masterclasses by Aaron Sorkin and underwent extensive training in animation development, writing, character design, enviro, UNREAL ENGINE with industry experts like Robert Lence, Len Simon, Mike Cachuela, Eric Shaw, Lee Daniels, Luke Anderton, Shelley Hoffman and Bill Buckley. Or a choreography workshop  mentored  by Francesca JaynesI did everything in my power to develop myself  as an international professional in storytelling.


Recently, I had the exhilarating experience of being a showrunner on "Bananas," a gripping series centered around a supermarket staff who stumble upon 100 packs of cocaine in banana boxes and embark on a risky journey to capitalize on their unexpected find. It was an immensely enjoyable project that allowed me to explore the thrilling world of crime and adventure. 

And what about Ridley Scott? Well, I actually shot my debut film using film stock that was left behind by Ridley Scott's crew in a warehouse. When the stock expired, I purchased it at a fraction of the original price. Talk about a fortunate turn of events!

If you're still reading (thank you!),
here are some of my current projects in the works:

Current projects I do in my country:
(Featuring project thumbnails)

I do a lot of ANIMATION as a producer or director
(the thumbnails are from the original projects, concept arts mainly)

(here, the thumbnails are only referencial)

Dream Projects Beyond My Reach
(here, the thumbnails are only referencial)




...possess the ability to read and direct character motivations.

...can work with budgets and craft stories around them

....have a comprehensive understanding of theatrical and festival distribution.

...recognize patterns and structures, making writing and rewriting a craft for me. financially literate, allowing me to grasp the concept of value.

...think long-term and anticipate problems in advance.

...excel at creating efficient business systems.

...collaborate closely with writers as a producer on a daily basis.

...engage with animation artists on a daily basis.

...have strong contract reading skills.

...possess an extensive understanding of VFX pipelines.

...have experience working for corporations, so I do understand decision-making processes.

...produced content for children.

...have successfully pitched to international audiences of up to 500 people.

...approach storytelling as a entrepreneurial endeavor, starting with value and working backwards.

...can damage control

...lead creative teams very well

And this makes me, as I hope, a complex business collaborator and storyteller.



Reach out to me at

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